Tetra-Decathlon – in development

Work in development

A funny and inspiring look at what it takes to be a serious amateur, Tetra-Decathlon celebrates coming last, and then coming back for more.

Lauren signed up to compete in the World UltraMulti-Event Championships, having never set foot on an athletics track before. Featuring running, hurdling, jumping and throwing, a tetra-decathlon is 14 kinds of daft. With athletic physicality, Tetra-Decathlon tells the story of the many hurdles en route to the start-line.

Directed by multi-award winner, Jenna Watt (Faslane, Flâneurs) and performed by Lauren Hendry, Tetra-Decathlon is a show for those who got picked last, but know there’s more to give.  

By The Production Shed in association with Showroom.
Supported by TronLab and Tom McGrath Trust.

Touring Autumn 2018.
Suitable for small-scale venues and rural-touring.
For bookings in Scotland, contact Callum Smith at Showroom.
For bookings elsewhere, contact Lauren Hendry.

Videos: Emma Dove (top) / Arron Sparks

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