Heathen- in development

By Arron Sparks
In development – available from late Spring 2018

Heathen will be an abstract ceremony, created by a juggling atheist. A solo piece which seeks to explore where juggling might fit in a rural folk tradition, Heathen imagines what juggling would feel like, were it steeped in ritual and religion.

The piece will hark back to ancient rituals and folk traditions, with a hamlet-sized audience forming a congregation inside an open-framed geodesic dome, creating a tense and intimate atmosphere. Meanwhile, a larger audience will view Heathen from outside the dome, seeing the piece framed by the small group.

Creating a visceral physical language, which speaks directly to the audience’s most primal emotions, the congregation and performer will create a shared experience n through the ceremony: a ritualistic event, which lies between craft, tradition and art.

Arron Sparks has collaborated with dance artist, Robbie Synge, and will also work alongside world-renowned juggling expert, Jay Gilligan, to create Heathen.

Heathen will be suitable for outdoor performance, rural touring and small-scale venues, throughout Spring-Autumn 2018.

Thanks to Lab:Time and Jerwood Charitable Foundation for supporting early stage R&D.