Cul De Sac

Cul De Sac is an absurd and comic duet of dance-circus, featuring world-class Chinese pole and juggling by José Triguero & Gemma Palomar. Developed alongside Ben Duke (Lost Dog), Cul De Sac touches upon gender politics, power struggles and social taboos; resulting in an entertaining and emotionally resonant experience. Inspired by Pina Bausch and Alexander Jodorowsky, Cul de Sac was born out of a desire to create … Continue reading Cul De Sac

José Triguero + Gemma Palomar

Gemma & José are graduates of the National Centre for Circus Arts. Specialising in Chinese pole, Gemma has worked across the world with companies such as Avant Garde Dance, Cirque Bijou and Upswing, and in the Olympic Torch Relay show in 2012. Gemma is from Girona, Spain, and has a background in rhythmic gymnastics. José has performed with Gandini Juggling since 2012, touring Smashed and 8 … Continue reading José Triguero + Gemma Palomar

The King Of Tiny Things

TOURING OUTDOORS- SUMMER 2015 TOURING INDOORS- AUTUMN 2015 Metta Theatre’s King Of Tiny Things is a fantastic new circus and puppetry adaptation of the children’s book, featuring acrobatics, juggling and aerial from a variety of creepy-crawlies. One magical midsummer’s night two sisters huddle together, fearful of what the darkness holds, when a mysterious winged creature appears and leads them on a moonlit. Together they rescue juggling slugs, … Continue reading The King Of Tiny Things

Metta Theatre

Metta Theatre was founded in 2005 by director Poppy Burton-Morgan & designer William Reynolds. They make beautiful, imaginative & compelling theatre, using all the story-telling tools at our disposal – including words, music, projection, puppetry and circus. One of their current productions is The King Of Tiny Things, a new circus and puppetry adaptation of the children’s book, featuring acrobatics, juggling and aerial from a variety of creepy-crawlies. … Continue reading Metta Theatre

‘Down-Up’, by Circus Geeks

Originally posted on The Circus Diaries:
Glastonbury Festival; 27th June 2014 Arron Sparks, founder of Circus Geeks Jump back to the yo-yo craze of the 1990s (or, for the baby boomers, the 1950s) and realise that. for some, the craze never faded.  Arron Sparks shares his intimate relationship with the skill in a lecture style demonstration that seems to be his company Circus Geeks’ trademark, echoing the… Continue reading ‘Down-Up’, by Circus Geeks

The Big Bounce

The Big Bounce is an acrobatic show for green spaces, bouncing 100 giant balls into parks this summer! In this spectacular participatory show for young children, acrobats will leap, play upon- and even hide inside the huge bubbles as they bounce through the park. After the show, there will be playtime for the audience, where children are free to explore the set as they please. The show will be … Continue reading The Big Bounce

Stumble dance Circus

Stumble danceCircus Stumble work with circus artists to create truthfully absurd theatre, for indoor and outdoor performance. The Yorkshire-based company was created in 2007 by Mish Weaver. With a background in sculpture, choreography, and most of all, circus; Stumble creates an environment in which artists can feel safe and nurtured, and as a result that the audience feel engaged and included. Stumble seeks to rejuvenate circus’ history … Continue reading Stumble dance Circus