Tetra-Decathlon: premieres 2018

A funny and inspiring look at what it takes to be a serious amateur, Tetra-Decathlon celebrates coming last, and then coming back for more. Lauren signed up to compete in the World UltraMulti-Event Championships, having never set foot on an athletics track before. Featuring running, hurdling, jumping and throwing, a tetra-decathlon is 14 kinds of daft. With athletic physicality, Tetra-Decathlon tells the story of the … Continue reading Tetra-Decathlon: premieres 2018

Project_Vee- touring

TOURING SUMMER 2017 Roulette wheel meets juggling: danger, skill and unpredictable moments. Project_Vee is a nod to a Soviet era circus act, remixed for the 21st century. Steel, concrete and motors meet in an unlikely way; taking juggling in a different dimension- literally. Project_Vee is a 25 min outdoor spectacle, performed in the round. 2017 TOUR 25 May- Kunsten Op Straat, Lochem, Netherlands 28-29 May- Ageas Salisbury International Festival 24 … Continue reading Project_Vee- touring


Down-Up is a solo show by Circus Geeks about competition, innovation and the possibilities of the mundane, strung together by a subject that has been overlooked by society. From the Filipino emigrant who made his fortune in the 1930s, through to the professional demonstrators who toured UK in the 1950s, and how technological advances have helped create a subculture of 1000s of obsessive adults across the … Continue reading Down-Up

Beta Testing

“A circus experience for the Zuckerberg generation” – The Circus Diaries Beta_Testing is part performance lecture- part juggling show;  a hotchpotch remix of juggling subculture and influences such as TED talks, The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and a fear of the haddock. Circus Geeks began life as a blog- and Beta Testing has grown out of some of the blog’s most popular posts, which … Continue reading Beta Testing