Tetra-Decathlon: touring England, Autumn 2019

See here for dates “It’s no spoiler to call it a winning show” Scotland On Sunday “an inspiring tale of pushing on, challenging yourself and the resilience of the human spirit.” The Wee Review Nominated for the Filipa Bragança Award for Best Female Solo Performance. The Tetra-Decathlon is a gruelling 14-event track and field competition, requiring a unique combination of skills to complete. Having never set … Continue reading Tetra-Decathlon: touring England, Autumn 2019

The Show Must Go On- in development

Work in development By Circus Geeks The Show Must Go On is a performance about when things go wrong in circus. Exploring topics of  death, risk and morality via the medium of live circus and verbatim text; The Show Must Go On investigates true events and explores difficult questions about the morality of performers pushing themselves to take those deadly risks, and an audience who will pay to see … Continue reading The Show Must Go On- in development

Project_Vee- booking for 2019

Roulette wheel meets juggling: danger, skill and unpredictable moments. Project_Vee is a nod to a Soviet era circus act, remixed for the 21st century. Steel, concrete and motors meet in an unlikely way; taking juggling in a different dimension- literally. Project_Vee is a 20 min outdoor spectacle, performed in the round. Project_Vee is a collaboration between Circus Geeks & Pangottic, commissioned by Without Walls, Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival and Out There. Supported using … Continue reading Project_Vee- booking for 2019