Immersive Juggling Research

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Circus Geeks received Lab:Time funding to carry out research into an immersive juggling experience. Doreen Großmann, Iñaki Sastre and Arron Sparks spent 3 days in the Creation Studio at the National Centre for Circus Arts generating juggling material and working through experiments on a friendly guinea pig voluenteer audience. Inaki Sastre suggested the concept of creating a juggling piece… Continue reading Immersive Juggling Research

The Show Must Go On- in development

Or as Circus Geeks prefer, TSMGO WIP. A bit cryptic, perhaps. Following a week in the Roundhouse’s Sackler Studio, Circus Geeks presented a short showing of a few scenes, based on accidents in circus, alongside aerialist Maisy Taylor. Having trawled through old newspaper articles, Arron worked with Maisy on developing a scene using corde lisse, based on a vivid account from an early 20th century newspaper of a … Continue reading The Show Must Go On- in development

Project_Vee: Without Walls

We are SUPER DUPER EXCITED to announce that Project_Vee will be part of Without Walls’ 2016 programme, alongside some other amazing companies such as No Fit State, Motionhouse and Joli Vyann.  Circus Geeks & Pangottic are now working with a circus fabrication company, Circuspex, to rebuild a new shiny structure- this time, motorised and remote-controlled, meaning they can spin faster, higher and safer. While we’re waiting … Continue reading Project_Vee: Without Walls

Gameshow V Circus Geeks

I recently attempted to write some interview questions to ask Gameshow, but quickly realised how hard it is to think of questions when you are so heavily involved in a show.   To get a more interesting perspective, I handed the questioning over to Circus Geeks’ Arron Sparks. In return, Gameshow’s Matt Ryan asked a bunch of questions about Circus Geeks. Through these companies travelling similar paths in very … Continue reading Gameshow V Circus Geeks

Top investments for touring

With both Gameshow and Circus Geeks getting ready to pack their bags and hit the road next month, I’ve been thinking about some of the most useful investments for touring circus/ theatre shows. 1. Smartphone. For 101 reasons, largely split into practical and marketing tasks, a smartphone has to be my number one item. For directions, Tweeting, finding contact details, making videos, looking back over … Continue reading Top investments for touring

London International Mime Festival

January may be a dreary month for some, but for circus, puppetry, physical theatre lovers, it’s golden. London International Mime Festival is in full swing for the 39th time. Following co-artistic director, Joseph Seelig’s addition to the New Years’ Honours list this year, one can only imagine that next year’s 40th bash is going to be something outstanding. This year’s highlight for me was Gandini … Continue reading London International Mime Festival