Tetra-Decathlon: touring England, Autumn 2019

See here for dates “It’s no spoiler to call it a winning show” Scotland On Sunday “an inspiring tale of pushing on, challenging yourself and the resilience of the human spirit.” The Wee Review Nominated for the Filipa Bragança Award for Best Female Solo Performance. The Tetra-Decathlon is a gruelling 14-event track and field competition, requiring a unique combination of skills to complete. Having never set … Continue reading Tetra-Decathlon: touring England, Autumn 2019

Immersive Juggling Research

Originally posted on CircusGeeks.co.uk:
Circus Geeks received Lab:Time funding to carry out research into an immersive juggling experience. Doreen Großmann, Iñaki Sastre and Arron Sparks spent 3 days in the Creation Studio at the National Centre for Circus Arts generating juggling material and working through experiments on a friendly guinea pig voluenteer audience. Inaki Sastre suggested the concept of creating a juggling piece… Continue reading Immersive Juggling Research

The Show Must Go On- in development

Or as Circus Geeks prefer, TSMGO WIP. A bit cryptic, perhaps. Following a week in the Roundhouse’s Sackler Studio, Circus Geeks presented a short showing of a few scenes, based on accidents in circus, alongside aerialist Maisy Taylor. Having trawled through old newspaper articles, Arron worked with Maisy on developing a scene using corde lisse, based on a vivid account from an early 20th century newspaper of a … Continue reading The Show Must Go On- in development

Project_Vee: Without Walls

We are SUPER DUPER EXCITED to announce that Project_Vee will be part of Without Walls’ 2016 programme, alongside some other amazing companies such as No Fit State, Motionhouse and Joli Vyann.  Circus Geeks & Pangottic are now working with a circus fabrication company, Circuspex, to rebuild a new shiny structure- this time, motorised and remote-controlled, meaning they can spin faster, higher and safer. While we’re waiting … Continue reading Project_Vee: Without Walls

The Show Must Go On- in development

Work in development By Circus Geeks The Show Must Go On is a performance about when things go wrong in circus. Exploring topics of  death, risk and morality via the medium of live circus and verbatim text; The Show Must Go On investigates true events and explores difficult questions about the morality of performers pushing themselves to take those deadly risks, and an audience who will pay to see … Continue reading The Show Must Go On- in development

Cul De Sac

Cul De Sac is an absurd and comic duet of dance-circus, featuring world-class Chinese pole and juggling by José Triguero & Gemma Palomar. Developed alongside Ben Duke (Lost Dog), Cul De Sac touches upon gender politics, power struggles and social taboos; resulting in an entertaining and emotionally resonant experience. Inspired by Pina Bausch and Alexander Jodorowsky, Cul de Sac was born out of a desire to create … Continue reading Cul De Sac

José Triguero + Gemma Palomar

Gemma & José are graduates of the National Centre for Circus Arts. Specialising in Chinese pole, Gemma has worked across the world with companies such as Avant Garde Dance, Cirque Bijou and Upswing, and in the Olympic Torch Relay show in 2012. Gemma is from Girona, Spain, and has a background in rhythmic gymnastics. José has performed with Gandini Juggling since 2012, touring Smashed and 8 … Continue reading José Triguero + Gemma Palomar