The Show Must Go On- in development

Work in development
By Circus Geeks

The Show Must Go On is a performance about when things go wrong in circus.

Exploring topics of  death, risk and morality via the medium of live circus and verbatim text; The Show Must Go On investigates true events and explores difficult questions about the morality of performers pushing themselves to take those deadly risks, and an audience who will pay to see them.

In true Circus Geeks style, you can see a The Show Must Go On’s blog of inspirations and source material here.

The first R&D stage was held the Roundhouse in 2016. Working alongside rope artist, Maisy Taylor, and featuring teeterboard on film from Aaron Hakala & Lukas Ivanow, Circus Geeks presented a show in the round to an intimate audience. Please get in touch if you’d be interested in seeing more of the show.