Cul De Sac

Cul De Sac is an absurd and comic duet of dance-circus, featuring world-class Chinese pole and juggling by José Triguero & Gemma Palomar.

Developed alongside Ben Duke (Lost Dog), Cul De Sac touches upon gender politics, power struggles and social taboos; resulting in an entertaining and emotionally resonant experience.

Inspired by Pina Bausch and Alexander Jodorowsky, Cul de Sac was born out of a desire to create circus performance with a strong personal language; circus with personality, where the absurd has its own place.

Cul De Sac’s first outing was in Resolution! at The Place, and was further developed alongside Ben Duke for Jacksons Lane’s Postcards Festival in July 2015. It will continue developing ahead of a tour in Spring/ Summer 2016.