We supported Gameshow on their very first tour- performing This Is The Moon, That Is The Earth, a show on the cusp of  live art, to 5 venues in England & Wales

In This Is The Moon, That Is The Earth, Matt and Matthew explore what it’s like to be lost in space with your best friend through story-telling, game playing, competitive eating and bad dance moves. It’s a journey through the giganticness of the universe and the insignificance of humanity and friendship.

Gameshow are a bold + playful theatre company, who bring engaging exciting work to new audiences into theatres, making people think and feel in new ways the world.

“a very enjoyable, exciting, thought-provoking and messy way to spend an hour” Emily Lim, National Theatre


Photos: Tina Remiz

Tour dates- 2015
5th Feb- Aberystwyth Arts Centre
12th Feb- Arlington Arts Centre
19th Feb- Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport

21st Feb- Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate
26th Feb- South Hill Park, Bracknell

Developed with support from Arts Council England. Supported and developed by Ovalhouse, Camden People’s Theatre and The Yard


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