‘Down-Up’, by Circus Geeks

Here’s The Circus Dairies’ thoughts on Down-Up, performed in the (rather large) Astrolabe Theatre at Glastonbury recently. Next stop: smaller stages!

The Circus Diaries

Glastonbury Festival; 27th June 2014

Arron Sparks, founder of Circus Geeks Arron Sparks, founder of Circus Geeks

Jump back to the yo-yo craze of the 1990s (or, for the baby boomers, the 1950s) and realise that. for some, the craze never faded.  Arron Sparks shares his intimate relationship with the skill in a lecture style demonstration that seems to be his company Circus Geeks’ trademark, echoing the form of their juggling show Beta Testing premiered earlier this year.

The material is let down somewhat by the cavernous Astrolabe theatre tent and raised stage at Glastonbury Festival (who commissioned the piece) but still provides a decent nostalgic hit, and a fascinating insight into a niche universe.

An engaging opening introduces Sparks as our Wonder Years style narrator, playing up to the company’s geeky title in thick black-framed spectacles.  As he launches into a display of yo-yo prowess he maintains a blasé appearance as he makes not one, but two, yo-yos do things…

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