Juggling workshops & talks

As part of Circus Geeks’ tour of Beta Testing in Spring/Summer 2015, we are able to offer a limited number of free juggling workshops to schools and groups nearby venues we will be visiting.

Beta Testing is part juggling show, part performance lecture. It’s a lighthearted insight to what drives jugglers to keep picking up and trying again; using amazing 3D mapping & projection, stand up comedy and their love of throwing and catching to introduce you to their world.

A circus experience for the Zuckerberg generation” – The Circus Diaries

Workshops Our juggling workshops encourage teamwork, patience and persistence. Participants will master several different one ball tricks, creating their own sequences; and then move onto working with partners to develop passing patterns (see the videos below).

Suitable both for absolute beginners, and those who can already juggle- everyone will learn something new!

Duration: 60 mins
Age suitability: 12+
Max number: 20 (with support from at least one class teacher/ group leader).

Videos from previous workshops:

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