The Big Bounce

The Big Bounce is an acrobatic show for green spaces, bouncing 100 giant balls into parks this summer!

In this spectacular participatory show for young children, acrobats will leap, play upon- and even hide inside the huge bubbles as they bounce through the park. After the show, there will be playtime for the audience, where children are free to explore the set as they please. The show will be performed to live music from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra double-bassist, Andrew Baker.

Directed by Niki McCretton (Stuff n Nonesense), The Big Bounce will be an unforgettable family day out.

The show can be performed twice per day.Big Bounce-22 Big Bounce-07 Big Bounce-11 Inside giant ball Giant_ball_outdoors happy_faces_outdoor happy_faces1 parachute_ball bass_and_skirt happy_faces2 kids_with_bass lifting_giant_ball_2 kid_with_ball_and_bass playtime_with_bass playtime_with_bass2 Pushing_big_bounce sitting_on_ball stand_on_sh_ball the-big-bounce-picture-logo