Beta Testing

A circus experience for the Zuckerberg generation” – The Circus Diaries

Beta_Testing is part performance lecture- part juggling show;  a hotchpotch remix of juggling subculture and influences such as TED talks, The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and a fear of the haddock.

Circus Geeks began life as a blog- and Beta Testing has grown out of some of the blog’s most popular posts, which have international interest in a niche corner of the internet. The cast of 3 trawl through the archives to find the most absurd bits and share them you.

In a slick, tightly packed hour, ‘Beta Testing’ charmingly deconstructs the noble art of throwing and catching, helped along the way by some seriously impressive tricks.” – Time Out

“The audience – throughout the performance clapping and cheering in a way not usually expressed in a theatre during a show – erupt into applause.” Exeunt Magazine

It is not every day you see a juggler being slapped around the face with a wet haddock- but then Circus Geeks is not your average juggling act.” Evening Standard

Photos: Joe Clarke / Stuart Leech /  Lauren Hendry