Down-Up R&D

Circus Geeks are at it again. Ahead of Beta Testing’s premiere next month in CircusFest, Arron has been working on a brand new solo show about Yo-Yos and how ideas spread; Down-Up.

Circus Geeks recently won the ground-based circus commission from Glastonbury Festival to create the piece, and have spent the last 2 weeks doing R&D with three directors; Mike Bell, Tom Spencer and Poppy Burton-Morgan.

Today Arron will perform a scratch version of Down-Up  in Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, who have kindly offered space this week as part of their R&D By The Sea programme.

True to form, Arron has also started a new Down-Up blog to share ideas, such as music for the piece, inspiring videos and ridiculous stories.

How did a marketing ploy, falsely branding Yo-Yos as weapons, make it into the toy’s description in the V&A Museum? Why would today’s six-year old competitors make the World Champion of the 1950s look like an amateur? And the story of a group of Japanese competitors, who invented a whole new genre of tricks, which they kept secret for a decade, before gobsmacking the world with their own unique style. Down-Up will nose into these stories and many more.