Cabinet of Curiosities

I’ve just finished Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, which has a chapter about opening up your cabinet of curiosities; your scrapbook of inspirations.

So I’ve tried to recall all the shows I’ve seen in the last 12 months. In Edinburgh, I tried to take a few notes of each one, knowing some would get lost in the haze of  several shows a day- but the exercise has made me realise how many had slipped from my conciousness. So here they are- hopefully all of them.  I’ve not put companies I’m working with or know well in my top 5, which has resulted in a non-circus shortlist! Apologies for any slightly odd categorisation.

My Favourite 5:

It Needs Horses & Home For Broken Turns- Lost Dog (above)

Credible Likeable Superstar Rolemodel- Bryony Kimmings

I Could’ve Been Better- Idiot Child

Missing- Gecko

The Importance Of Being Interested- Robin Ince

And the rest:

A Simple Space- Gravity & Other Myths
Company Man- Cheeky*Park
Flown-Pirates Of The Carabina
Tangram- Stefan Sing & Christiana Casadio
Smashed- Gandini Juggling
Awake- Awake Projects
Juggling On Tap (work-in-progress)- Stewart Pemberton
Beta Testing- Circus Geeks
Bianco- No Fit State
Strange Forces- Circus Space BA(hons)/ postgrad devised pieces
Happy Families- Cirque Bijou/ Circus Space 
Falling Up- Mimbre
Fishes Have Wishes (dress run)- Pepper-Choc
Silver Lining
Logic Of Nothing- Pangottic
4×4 (work-in-progress)- Gandini Juggling
Opus- Circa & Debussy Quartet
Graduation show of Codarts.
Beyond- Circa (this had my favourite moment of any show- the doubles trapeze)
Timber- Cirque Alfonse

Dumbstruck- Fine Chisel
The Arrival- Tamasha
The Birdhouse- Jammy Voo
The Trench- Les Enfants Terribles
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs- Kill The Beast
Festival Of Spoken Nerd
BLAM!- Kristjan Ingimarsson/ Neander
Cathy’s Kitchen- Shatter Resistant
Borges & I- Idle Motion
That Is All You Need To Know- Idle Motion
For Their Own Good- Untied Artists
The Paper Cinema‘s Odyssey
The Collision Of Things- Move To Stand
Spades- Robert LePage
Certain Dark Things- You Need Me
Book Of Mormon
The Worst Of Scottee- Scottee
Red Bastard- Eric Davis

L’apres Midi D’un Foehn- Compagnie Non Nova
La Poeme- Jeanne Mordoj
Projector/ Conjector- Mamoru Iriguchi
Duet- H2 Dance
Forget Me Not- Compagnie Philippe Genty
One Step Before The Fall- Spitfire Company
1980- Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch
What’s Become Of You- Compagnie 111/ Aurelian Bory
Vortex- Phia Menard/ Compagnie Non Nova

Puppet Up! – Uncensored, Henson Alternatives
Sara Pascoe Vs The Truth- Sara Pascoe
Alternative Comedy Memorial Society
Dr Brown: Because
Tony Law: Nonsense Overdrive
Jerry Sadowitz
Shambles- Robin Ince & Josie Long
The Boy With Tape On His Face

Cabaret/ Variety
La Clique
Infamous, Derren Brown
The Piff The Magic Dragon Show
Mat Ricardo London Varieties
Black Cat Cabaret
Friday Night Freakshow (hosted by EastEnd Cabaret)

Odds & Sods
The Light Show at The Hayward Gallery
Words- Scroobius Pip
Okkyung LeeTakehisa Kosugi
Rolling Stones