Inverted Dance

Show: Double Bill

In this powerful exploration of the human body, where legs become arms and vice versa, our world is literally turned on its head. Four performers shift through a constantly moving puzzle, with each performer tessellates with the others.

Dance With Me
Perfect for Strictly-lovers everywhere, this is a story-telling duet in which our scruffy, loveable rogue is constantly reprimanded by his controlling spouse. All seems to be going pear-shaped, until the swing kicks in. Can they work out their differences before the last dance ends?

Duration: 50 mins, plus 5 min interval to reset the stage.
Company: Inverted Dance
Suitable for theatres & rural-touring.

Company: Inverted Dance

Inverted is a performance company based in the UK, making acrobatic dance pieces . They seamlessly join circus and dance to create a style of movement that is engaging and unique.

Director, Tamzen Moulding trained as an elite gymnast, before gaining a first class honours at London Contemporary Dance School.

Tamzen works with performers from both dance and circus backgrounds, to create a unique mix of movement and acrobatics.

The Double-Bill will be Inverted Dance’s first full-length touring production, which will premiere in August 2014.

Inverted_throwMK1Inverted_TamzenInverted_arabesqueSONY DSC

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