Logic of Nothing Premiere

This week, The Production Shed headed over to Circomedia in Bristol, to see the premiere of Pangottic Circus Theatre’s Logic of Nothing- a solo show performed by Matt Pang, directed by Revital Gottshalk, and with a live soundtrack by Kathy Hinde.


A mad inventor with a love of Heath-Robinson and Einstein, sits at home, scribbling furiously, trying to make his home-strung gadgets work. This has clearly been the life of Pang, both onstage and off, for some time. In his second show based around such contraptions, he uses machines with more precise demands than the first show, Thingamabob, allowed, as it was an outdoor piece. However, as the makers of the 2003 Honda Accord advert know- even under controlled conditions, sometimes these things do take 606 attempts.

Matt’s silent clown character deals with the mishaps which ensure with a freshness we know is genuine, making adults giggle like small children, and small children giggle like even smaller ones. Whether it’s his curtain-closer leaving him exposed on the toilet; or a teapot rocketing down a zipwire as Matt balances upon a fire-extinguisher and a suitcase- whether the machines work or don’t work: it works.

The show’s juggling comes only when the machines allow- that is, when he accidentally knocks over a book, which pulls a string, which unleashes a spring, which throws a ball into the air, which he is forced to catch.

The most euphoric moment of the show, or indeed of any show I have seen this year, came when Matt casually set off a spring, which launched a juggling ball directly into the bucket atop his volunteer’s head. You couldn’t have planned it- and he certainly didn’t!

Logic of Nothing will tour next year, including dates at Jacksons Lane.

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