Layers booking info

We are booking for Layers in October-December 2013, and Spring/Summer 2014

Layers is a fast-paced, family friend show mixing dance, live music and circus. At 45 minutes, it is the perfect length for outdoor festivals.

Get-in requirements:

  • Get-in the day before first performance.
  • 1 house technician to assist with get-in, fit up and to operate the show.

Stage requirements:

  • End on performance
  • 10 x 10 x 6 metres
  • flat ground space with dance-floor; clean, dry and dust free
  • Flat or shallow-raked stages

Rigging requirements:

  • 3 floor- rigging points withstanding at least 250kg each, forming a triangle in which the pole is the center. -For outdoor perrformances, it may be possible to use urban structures: lampposts, trees, or to plant stakes if the ground allows- or weights,concrete blocks or the like weighing at least 600kg.
  •  Rigging points should be minimum 5-7 metres from the base of the pole.
  • 1 person to help carry material, and aid in rigging of the pole

Lighting requirements:

  • Frontal coverage over the entire stage area
  • Lights covering the pole from 4 angles
  • Lights covering the space 1m above the top of the pole, from 2 different angles. – 1 follow-spot


  • Amplification of the musician