Circus Geeks

BETA TESTING Touring Feb-April 2015PROJECT VEE premieres June 2015DOWN-UP available (40 min show) Circus Geeks make vibrant, accessible shows with juggling, spoken word and film.

Company director, Arron Sparks, is a multi-award winning juggler and notorious blogger. He graduated from Circus Space, winning the Deutche Bank Award for Circus. He has worked alongside many of jugging’s greats, including Gandini Juggling and the late Luke Wilson.

Circus Geeks  began life as a blog in 2011, set up after a  late night conversation about juggling, art and how to make the perfect pizza. The blog is a meeting point for those who work in circus- a place for performers, teachers, students and directors to write and share their thoughts and the odd video. The blog has 30,000 followers across the world.

Arron’s passion for logic, his research for Circus Geeks blog and love of juggling inspired him to create his first show, Beta Testing.


Beta Testing
Photo- Lucy Fry

Circus Geeks’ first show, Beta Testing premiered in CircusFest at London’s Roundhouse in April; and will tour in Spring 2015. Beta Testing’s first outing as a work-in-progress was at Jacksons Lane in 2013. Following this, Circus Geeks won the Propellor Prize.

Down-Up has been commissioned by Glastonbury Festival and developed in partnership with Marine Theatre. A 30 minute version of the show was performed at Glastonbury this year. The full show will be ready by early summer 2015. Project_Vee is an outdoor piece by Circus Geeks & PanGottic Circus Theatre. It will be set upon a large, spinning structure, with mechanical arms raising its two performers to 3. Vee will premiere this in the City of London festival in June/ July 2015.
Photo credits: Joe Clarke/ Lucy Fry